Using Rapid Evaluation to learn and evaluate quickly

Learning from Covid-19 at Solent NHS Trust

Learning and evaluating at speed

Covid-19 has massively altered the way we work as a Trust and as a result, we are carrying out a rapid evaluation of things so that we can collect, analyse and learn from these changes as we navigate this unprecedented situation. With such rapid change happening, we need to make sure we understand when things work well or not so well. We also need to know what our staff and patients think about the changes that are taking places, and how they are being impacted.

This project is vast and complex and what we can’t do is get "bogged down" in detail, so we’ve decided to use "Rapid Evaluation Approaches" combined with a mix of Quality Improvement and Appreciative Inquiry methods. Rapid Evaluation Approaches let us gather learning at pace, and feed this back to services quickly so that we can continuously adapt and improve. We'll also be working on the project with mentorship from experts at the Rapid Research Evaluation and Appraisal Lab at UCL.

How we're going to learn

It’s vital that we learn from this unusual situation and that we evaluate and asses what we are doing (the new things and the old) as we go. We’ll use all of this learning to help inform our management and recovery from Covid-19, and continually to improve our services.

What we're going to do:

  • We’ll make sure to capture what’s happening - what’s changing, how it’s changing and why.
  • We’ll keep a record of the experiences our staff and patients are having, including how they feel about these changes.
  • We’ll continuously measure the impact of these changes, new services and approaches that are being introduced.