Anna Thornhill

Research and Clinical Physiotherapist

Core Team

My role

I have a split role as a research and clinical physiotherapist.

My responsibilities

My research role includes finding suitable studies and then  recruiting to and running the studies. My clinical role involves assessing and treating patients with musculoskeletal conditions.

My background

I qualified as a physiotherapist in 2009 and now work in musculoskeletal outpatients. I initially joined the Solent Research Department in 2013 and was then lucky enough to get a place on a Masters in Clinical Research which I did 2014-2015 and then re-joined the Research Department in 2016.

Why I love my job

I have a 50/50 split clinical and research role so enjoy the variety of my job.  I love meeting different people and it’s great to be able to offer treatments to them via studies that might not usually be available to them.  I feel privileged to be part of the research team and to contribute to current and future evidence-based practice.

More about me

I actually enjoy exercise! I do a bit of running, cycling, Pilates, yoga and spinning.

Current projects/research studies

NERVES – Nerve root block versus surgery for patients with sciatica

Sedentary Behaviour and Physical Activity in Osteoarthritis

ART - Ankle Recovery Trial for patients post ankle fracture surgery

EULAR PRO – Measures of work productivity for people with inflammatory arthritis and osteoarthritis

FinCH – Falls in Care Homes