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Caitlin Burchett

Caitlin Burchett

Older Peoples Mental Health Research Nurse

I'm a member of the "Core" Academy team

Contact me: Caitlin.Burchett@solent.nhs.uk


My role

I am a Research Nurse for Older People’s Mental Health.

My responsibilities

I identify research studies within older people’s mental health that we may be able to run here in Solent. I also liaise with study teams, our clinical staff, and local care homes to work out how we might make that happen. Once studies are up and running; I am responsible for recruiting and consenting participants, collecting data and delivering interventions. I also support the delivery of other studies when needed. For example, I have recently been involved in the Oxford University COVID-19 vaccine trial in Southampton.

My background

I qualified as a Mental Health Nurse in 2018. I initially worked for an Adults Mental Health Crisis Team, and then for an Older Persons Community Mental Health Team. I’d always planned to go into research at some point in my nursing career, but didn’t expect to be able to do it so soon after qualifying! I was given the amazing opportunity to do a split research role, so I now work two days a week as a staff nurse on an older people’s mental health ward, and three days a week with the research team. This has meant that I’ve been able to continue to develop my clinical skills and knowledge, and also have a greater awareness of what’s important to patients, their families, and staff when working in my research role.   

Why I love my job

I am passionate about research as it’s absolutely vital for improving care for our patients. I love that I’m now in a position to support older people and their carers to be involved in research that is important to them. I also love the variety in my job – both between my clinical and research roles, but also within the research role itself, as there is such a range of different studies, and my days are so varied. I also work with an amazing team of people, which is a major factor in why I love my job!

More about me

Music is my main interest outside of work – I play the fiddle (that’s folk-speak for violin), and I’m particularly into the genre of ‘old-time’, which is a type of American folk music. I play a lot of music with my husband, and we love meeting up with friends from across the UK and further afield at folk festivals throughout the summer. I also love to paint, and have recently taken up running!

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