Kaye Smith

Kaye Smith

Adult Mental Health Research Nurse

I'm a member of the "Core" Academy team

Contact me: kaye.smith@solent.nhs.uk


My role

I am an Adult Mental Health Research Nurse.

My responsibilities

I have a range of roles within the Academy of Research and Improvement. My responsibilities include introducing suitable Adult Mental Health studies for the Trust to deliver, liaising with the clinical teams and consenting patients and staff onto them. What is crucially important about this is that I am supporting staff to enable their patients (and also staff themselves) to have the opportunity to take part in research.

I manage and oversee all of the Adult Mental Health research studies that the Academy delivers.  Whilst this keeps me very busy, I also support the delivery of other studies across the department. This has recently included pulmonary rehab groups and school parents’ evenings helping to deliver an infection control study.

My background

I am a registered mental health nurse and have worked in clinical settings for many years, both as clinician and clinical manager.

Why I love my job

I love my job because research is at the cutting edge of change. My whole career has focussed on the clinical delivery of care and treatments and it is refreshing and rewarding to be involved in  initiatives and developments which will shape that delivery in the future. I also work within an effective, supportive and well managed team.

Some current projects/research studies

  • Voices Impact Scale
  • Lifestyle, Health and Wellbeing Survey
  • Reduce work stream 3
  • DPIM
  • Triumph

Published work:

Gilbody S., Callen T., Smith, K. et al. Smoking cessation for people with severe mental illness
(SCIMITAR+): a pragmatic randomised controlled trial.Lancet Psychiatry

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