Lindsay Welch

Clinical Academic

Clinical Academic

My role

I am the Integrated Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) Team Lead at Solent NHS Trust and University Hospitals Southampton NHS Trust. I am also a Clinical Doctoral Research Fellow, working towards a doctorate with the Faculty of Health Sciences at the University of Southampton. In order to fulfil this I am seconded from my Solent NHS Trust leadership role for 0.2 WTE to investigate, implement and evaluate the GENIE social networking tool within the Southampton COPD patient population.

My responsibilities

I am employed to ensure the delivery of high quality COPD care to patients living in the City of Southampton. The service encompasses the whole COPD patient pathway, from primary care education and diagnosis, acute care including respiratory failure admission, supported discharge, readmission prevention, pulmonary rehabilitation and community COPD clinics. I am a respiratory nurse and remain clinically active working across all environments, currently in pulmonary rehabilitation and in nurse led community COPD clinics.

My background

I have a particular interested in self-management theory, and in 2014 I was awarded an NIHR internship to enable me to spend time working with academics at the University of Southampton to understand the burden and complexity of disease in COPD. 

Further clinical and academic interests include; non - pharmacological therapies in COPD, and complexities in social and psychological aspects of COPD. This has led to a successful bid within the service to the Queens Nursing Institute for a Singing in COPD project.

Why I love my job

I enjoy the challenges and balances of the different elements of my role; the management strategy and the hands on clinical care. I prefer combining the two in innovative new ways to deliver respiratory care.

More about me

I am keen to ensure strategic clinical pathways are sufficiently evidenced and grounded in robust and timely research. In this way facilitating an ethos of care provision that promotes patient wellbeing in long term conditions, and moves away from reactive COPD care, towards early preventative health strategies.

Current projects/research studies

In Sept 2016 I commenced a doctoral programme within the NIHR CLAHRC theme 5: Supportive Self-Management. Aiming to research and evaluate new methods of self-management support in the existing COPD population. Using the GENIE (Generating network engagement) tool within the COPD population, to understand barriers and challenges to community networking within the COPD populations.

Further to this I am supervising a MSc student to deliver a study in health literacy in COPD, commencing November 2017.

Published work

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"Research priorities for respiratory nursing: A UK-wide Delphi study. " has been selected for presentation in Oral Presentation entitled

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