Lindsey Cooke

Research Nurse

Core team

My role

I am a research nurse working for Sexual Health and Infectious Diseases.

My responsibilities

As a research nurse I am involved in all aspects of setting up, coordinating, and delivering research trials within Sexual Health and Infectious Diseases across Solent NHS Trust. Within my role I am able to work with a variety of health care professionals to engage them in research and promote its importance.

My background

I have only very recently joined the research team here at Solent NHS Trust. Initially after qualifying as a registered nurse I started my career in Intensive Care. The role involved caring for a diverse range of medical and surgical patients who varied from being critically ill, to preparing to be discharged. During this time I gained a greater understanding of the impact that research can have on benefiting patient care and after a couple of years I joined the research team in critical care as a research nurse.

Why I love my job

I love working in research as it underpins everything we do for our patients in health care. Research studies can be life changing for patients as it helps to provide the evidence on which treatment or therapy is better.

More about me

Outside of work I love to spend time with my family and friends and taking my dog for walks in country parks. I love to travel and try to go somewhere different every year.

Current projects/research studies

I am currently working on the PrEP IMPACT trial and LUSTRUM.