Nadine Booysen

Senior Musculoskeletal (MSK) Physiotherapist

Clinical Academic

My role

Senior Musculoskeletal (MSK) Physiotherapist

Clinical Effectiveness Team Lead MPP Service

NIHR Clinical Doctoral Research Fellow

My responsibilities

My responsibilities are varied but interlinked through the clinical academic role, which consist of three roles. In these role I act as an expert in MSK rehabilitation by carrying a clinical case load and being an expert practitioner to clinical staff. I Lead and mentor the Clinical Effectiveness Team across the MPP Service to improve the quality, safety and outcome of patient care. In this role I also plan, shape and lead a programme of clinical audit, service evaluation and NICE guidelines to underpin quality improvement and address gaps in evidence-based practice. I provide clinical supervision, personal development reviews, mentoring and support clinician researchers, while leading and delivering training in areas of specialism, which includes delivering teaching at undergraduate level at the University of Southampton. I collaborate with other Faculty and University research teams, which are made easier through my role as the Deputy Lead of the International Movement Screening and Interventions Group (IMSIG), where I am also a member of the task groups: Literature and Terminology, Military, Interventions and Implementation and Football. The clinical academic role enables me to engage in external national / international activities to influence policy and practice within the MSK field.

My background

I graduated as a Physiotherapist in 2002 from South Africa and gained experience in MSK conditions, Orthopaedics and Sport injuries within the Military. In 2005 I started working for the NHS in MSK and I aspired to bridge the gap between academia and clinical practice by embarking on a clinical academic career pathway.  I completed my NIHR MRes in Clinical Research 2013, where I received further support from Solent NHS Trust and Health Education Wessex with some internship funding for a strong NIHR Clinical Doctoral Research Fellowship application, which I was successful in obtaining and started my PhD in March 2015 at the University of Southampton.

Why I love my job

Working as a clinical academic gives me the versatility to work in a variety of roles, within clinical practice whilst also working in academia and research.

More about me

Outside of work I go to the gym, travel, socialise with family and friends, which normally involves watching Rugby with good food and having a “Braai”…or as the British call it a “BBQ”.

Current projects/research studies

My research interest is in movement control patterns; focusing on conservative management of musculoskeletal conditions including osteoarthritis, with an emphasis on exercise in prevention and management. My current work aims to see whether exercises to protect joints in elite sports can be adapted for the general active population. This work involves using movement screening tools, in which I devised a Hip and Lower Limb Movement Screen to assess movement quality to inform targeted exercises.


Published work

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