Yerin Cha

Patient and Community Engagement Assistant

Core Team

My role

I am a Patient and Community Engagement Assistant.

My responsibilities

As part of my role as a patient and community engagement assistant, I work with different patient groups and other organisations to support them in involving patients, families, and wider communities in their service to ensure everyone can engage and share their experiences. I also support patients and communities to share their suggestions and give feedback about their service, and to support them with innovative ways to share learning and disseminate ideas.

My background

I am currently in my third year into my degree in Healthcare Management, Research and Policy at the University of Southampton and I am here for a year on a student placement.

Why I love my job

As part of my job, I love talking and listening to patients and the wider community about their experiences and ideas about ways to improve the service. I really enjoy having the opportunity to work with different clinical services and corporate support teams who are involved in patient and community engagement to widen my knowledge and experience.

More about me

Outside of work, I love travelling and just spending time with my baby cousin.