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COVID-19 learning and eval

Learning and evaluating at speed

COVID-19 meant a rapid change to the way in which we deliver healthcare services, and the way in which we all work together at the Trust. We wanted to capture this story, and to learn from what happened; how people felt, how patients found our new ways of working, what was working well or not so well.

In April 2020, we started our data collection. We decided to use "Rapid Evaluation Approaches" combined with Appreciative Inquiry. Rapid Evaluation let us gather learning at pace, using a range of methods summarised in the infographic below. We were extremely lucky to have the mentorship of from experts at the Rapid Research Evaluation and Appraisal Lab at UCL.

Learning Toolkit

We have been running an evaluation of our response to Covid-19, these are some of the tools that we have used. We are happy for these tools to be adapted and used.

These resources can be used with staff and patients.

The remote consultation evaluation has taken a number of forms. We have carried out interviews, observations and also run surveys.

The survey links are emailed or messaged to all patients following a remote consultation. We are encouraging staff to send as many as possible. There are currently two different survey links for remote consultations. One for patients and one for staff. 

Here are the questions we asked patients and staff.


We have been using a form of experience-based design to capture how people are feeling and experiences during the pandemic. These can be used for people who use our services and for staff.

This is primarily being done online but there is an option to talk through a hard copy of the resource on the telephone or face to face.  


These are tools that have been co-designed for children and young people to share feedback with pictures and stories. 

Resources available:

Tell us about it - informal interviews

Informal interviews are being held with people around the Trust and patients about their experiences during the pandemic. These are being analysed thematically. 

Our People, Their Stories

We are publishing a series of blogs, vlogs and case studies.

We are encouraging people to report excellent practice online and have developed a card similar to that on the Learning from Excellence website. These can be used with frontline services or sent to staff working from home.

Click here to download one of our Appreciation Cards.


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