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Ways you can get involved


There are a number of ways that you can join in and help make a change to Solent services and the experiences of others. We've laid out some examples of the main pathways that we support, but if you have other interests or are keen to be involved in something that's not listed here, please email us:

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There are lots of improvement projects happening across the Trust, and all of these activities include patients and members of our community. We can match you with projects that are most suitable for you.

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Are you interested in helping to design the training we offer? Or perhaps you'd like to be involved in delivering the training with us? Your involvement is important in helping us train our teams.

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Could you be part of our patient review panel and provide your unique perspective on research and improvement projects? 

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If you're interested in research there are lots of opportunities, from being part of a research study and letting us know what it was like, to being a collaborator on publications and designing studies.

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All of our workshops and training events are open to those that use our services, carers and community members. Click on the button below to explore what is on offer.

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If you're interested in planning and running events there are lots of opportunities to help make our events current, fun and accessible, including helping us with the Academy Annual Conference. 

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Explore the role our Quality Improvement Leaders play and how you could start on your journey to join this important network of improvement specialists.


Patients are the most important people in healthcare scenarios so their involvement in services and service provision is a shortcut to many rewarding features from their input to a saving of work hours. 

- Amanda Barfield, Side-by-Side Member


News + events

Working with Patients and People to improve services: getting started

15 July 2024

11am - 12pm


Poster Writing Day - Portsmouth

4 September 2024

9.30am - 4pm

Portsmouth, UK

Poster Writing Day - Southampton

19 September 2024

9.30am - 4pm

Southampton, UK

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