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Happier Working Lives


3 days



Our Happier Working Lives training is aimed at Solent NHS Trust staff and members of our community, and focuses on providing participants with tools to promote happiness in the workplace.

Carl Adams in workshop

About the course


The training will provide support and encouragement for teams to improve happiness in the workplace using a range of QI tools. You will learn about measurement approaches and will be given opportunities to network and work alongside other teams. There will be dedicated time to focus on an area to improve and a variety of external and local expertise support.

What it provides:

  • Support to improve happiness using QI Tools

  • Learn about measuring happiness

  • Dedicated time to focus on an area to improve

  • Opportunity to network and work alongside other teams

  • External and local expertise support

What it involves:

  • Three days of externally facilitated workshops

  • Sharing your improvement and learning

  • Support and agreement from your service line management

What it includes:

  • Understanding happiness

  • Thinking creatively

  • Growing happier teams

  • Measuring happiness

  • Influencing others

  • Celebrating success


It’s been a good course, giving lots of useful strategies to keep yourself and others happy.
Have felt looked after 😊

Are you interested in Happier Working Lives?

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Let us know if you'd like to find out more about the Happier Working Lives training, or if you would like book a session with our QI team. 


If you're a Solent staff member, please include details of the team and service line that you work in.


News + events

Introduction to Quality Improvement (QI)

11 July 2024

9am - 10am


Using Evidence in Care

17 July 2024

9am - 10.30am


QI Café: Happier Working Lives

24 July 2024

1pm - 1.30pm


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