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Clinical Effectiveness

Supporting clinicians to design and deliver projects

The Trust’s vision is to provide great care. To do this, it is important that we provide assurance on the effectiveness of our services and identify necessary improvements. We offer support to clinicians to design and deliver projects that measure and evaluate services in line with the Trust’s annual Audit and Improvement plan. We also provide support with data analysis, action planning, reporting and dissemination.

The methods

  • Clinical audit

    The key component of clinical audit is that clinical care is reviewed against agreed standards (such as the guidelines provided by NICE). It is used both as an assurance and an improvement tool. Where audit identifies that services are below standard, actions must be planned and implemented for improvement. Repeat audits should be carried out to demonstrate improvement.

  • Service evaluation

    Service evaluations answer and critically reflect on the question “what standard does this service achieve?”. Service evaluations can include numerical and descriptive information including feedback from patients and staff. Service evaluations are often used to look at the effectiveness of pilot services or new initiatives.

Within our team, we monitor and disseminate updates to guidelines and standards produced by the National Institute of Health and Care Excellence. Where relevant, services are asked to conduct baseline assessments, audits and evaluations to measure and plan for compliance with these documents.

‘Introduction to audit and evaluation’ training is available for teams on request and as part of the Academy of Research and Improvement training programme. A more interactive workshop on audit and evaluation is available where teams and individuals can develop their plans and ideas together. An online guide to conducting clinical audit or an evaluation is also available.

How can we support you?
Each year, an audit plan is produced and updated for each service line. These are available on our intranet pages. Throughout the year, support is available to identify topics for audits and evaluations and the most suitable methods to use. If you would like to undertake a project, please:

  • See if there is an audit on your local plan that you would like to support
  • Contact the team by emailing clinicalaudit.evaluation@solent.nhs.uk
  • Register your project using the form available on our intranet page.

 Patient/ Public led evaluations or audit

We welcome ideas from those that use our services for improvement, evaluation or audit and can support anyone that would like to either be part of a project or even run one themselves. If you would like to know more or have an idea, contact us.

Or, if you'd like an example, read about a carer led project on one of our wards here.

Useful links

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