Improving referrals in partnership

The Central CIS team were receiving poor quality referrals into service which were full of missing information. There was a risk to staff visiting patients and staffs’ time was being wasted gathering missing information.

The team aimed to improve the completion rate of incoming referrals from Single Point of Access (SPA) Social Services from 0% to 60%

The team identified their highest volume referrer through data collection and measured the wasted time that they used seeking missing information. They surveyed staff regarding risks associated with visiting clients without complete information and wrote a report to share with their high volume referrer.

Changes were then made to the existing referral process using PDSA cycles and they then re-measured their wasted time seeking missing information. The team repeated their staff survey and shared an outcome report with their high volume referrers.

To find out more information about the project and the results that were achieved click the image below to download the team's full PDF poster.