Reducing falls

Brooker ward cares for patients with acute organic dementia. Ward staff were concerned about the high rate of patient falls.

The project aimed to reduce the rates and seriousness of falls related injuries on the ward. Following consultation with staff and patient’s families/carers a number of changes were made. These included discussing falls in ward rounds, improved recording of the date of the last fall, amended care plans, linking risk events and highlighting them in SystmOne.

Data analysis using Statistical Process Control charts showed that in the 6 month period prior to these changes the mean number of patient falls per 100 bed occupancy days was 3.2 per week. Analysis of the 6 month period following the changes shows the mean number of falls has reduced to 1.8 falls per week. This project was led by a multi-disciplinary team and this resulted in the whole ward team engaging in the changes so that there is now an integrated daily review of patient falls.

“I think we did things that we didn’t know were possible. I didn’t know it was possible to get together a team from a big diverse team and actually make this happen. I didn’t think we could do it but we did and that was great. The QI programme gave us more credibility when we were feeding back our results to the rest of the MDT”

“From the beginning we felt very privileged to be given this chance which increased our motivation, to be here, to be in Solent and to be supported to do this.”