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Our integrated approach

​For our healthcare colleagues to access support for different improvement and transformation tools (such as Clinical Audit, Evaluation, Research and Quality Improvement), they usually have to navigate many different teams. This is time consuming, confusing and risks fragmented work.

Our solution is to provide a single integrated team that offers the training, facilitation and support our colleagues need to carry out and engage with research and improvement. 



Why we use this approach


What this looks like...

We deliver external clinical trials and Trust-led research. There are a number of ways to get involved, such as becoming a research champion, joining the Researcher Development Programme, or starting your own study.

Our QI Programme is an opportunity for anyone to get involved in making improvements to care. The programme provides training and support for all; patients, staff and community members.

People with experience of health conditions and our services provide an invaluable insight into what matters most to them, and should be at the heart of shaping the care and services we provide. We work, and support others to work together with patients and people.

Audit + Evaluation

Also covering Clinical Audit and Service Evaluation, we offer support to design and deliver projects that measure and evaluate services in line with the Trust’s annual Audit and Improvement plan. This includes data analysis, sharing learning, action planning and reporting.

Dragons' Den seeks to encourage innovation and improvement through grants of up to £10k. It gives an opportunity for staff and patients to put forward ideas that will improve or enhance care and patient experience, and the funding and support to help put these ideas into practice. 

Each year we run a series of workshops to help participants gain or brush up on skills and knowledge relating to Research, Improvement, Clinical Effectiveness,

Evaluation Hub

Working in collaboration with University College London, we offer an external evaluation and delivery service, specialising in evaluations and research in health, social and community settings, through: project support, training and facilitation and community activism.  

Knowledge + learning

Sharing learning is really important and there are many ways we can help you to do this. Join a writing, social media or film making workshop or ask us about bespoke support. Our Knowledge Specialist can also help you to carry out literature searches.

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