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Those that use or access our services know better than anyone what it feels like and will have good ideas for how we can improve. We welcome ideas for improvement across our Trust - if you have one, use our 'make a suggestion' page.

When we are considering what improvements to make, we also need to be able to work with those that will be impacted by this change to make sure they will actually make things better for our patients, service users, families and colleagues. We encourage those that use our services to be part of the teams working on improvement projects. And our training programmes are open to anyone who would like to take part. For more details visit our Quality Improvement pages, or contact us.

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Patients are the key to everything we do and often know where improvements need to be made. Therefore it is important that patients and their families are involved in improvements we are planning – from suggesting things that could change, to being part of the delivery of projects.

This year we have launched a new campaign called 'Bright Ideas' which calls for ideas for improvement from people who come into contact with our services. So, if you have a bright idea that you feel would improve a service, we would love to hear about it. Please do not hesitate to submit your idea using the form below.

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