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Dr Cathy Price

Clinical Director Primary Care

My role

Consultant in Pain Medicine and Clinical Director Primary Care Services

My responsibilities:

Provision of pain management services to Southampton working across three organisations: University Hospital Southampton Foundation Trust, Solent NHS Trust and Care UK. The focus is on people with longer term pain that is proving difficult to manage. I work as part of a multidisciplinary team.

I hold clinical, financial and performance responsibility for Solent GP practices, behaviour change, Podiatry Musculoskeletal and pain services, ensuring we get the best out of our teams!

My background

I’m from Wales, which is where I did my medical training. I moved to Southampton to do paediatrics, then my husband got a job here! He now works as a GP where we live. I did my anaesthetic training in Cardiff, London and Wessex, followed by a pain fellowship at St Thomas’ London. I did four years as a clinical research fellow setting up a research facility in Portsmouth Pain clinic.

My main achievements were completing a Multicentre Randomised Controlled Trial for HTA on the cost effectiveness of epidural steroids in sciatica and researching outcomes from pain service care to such a level that we were ran a National Pain audit project from 2009-14.  I started my consultant post in University Hospitals Southampton NHS Foundation Trust in 1999 and moved to Solent NHS Trust in 2014.

Why I love my job

I love my job because it’s so varied. I love working in a team where I feel like we are making a difference to patients. 

More about me

I have two grown-up sons and two elderly cats who never go out. I love practising yoga and having some form of exercise challenge each year. I loved the Global Challenge we did in Solent.

Current projects/research studies

  • Completion of my MD using the data we amassed from the National Pain Audit asking what quality improvements were made as a result , can we implement PROMS in pain clinics effectively and are there any predictive factors as to who does well or badly in pain clinics? Under supervision from UOS Faculty of Pain Medicine

  • NERVES Trial : Local PI  - comparing nerve root blocks  to surgery  - HTA funded

  • INSTEP : feasibility study looking at Individual Placement and Support for getting patients with chronic pain back to work

Published work

Primary research:

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Case Reports

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Review Articles:

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Book Chapters

Cathy Price. Multidisciplinary Pain Management Teams.. In: Urogenital Pain in Clinical Practice 2007: eds Baranowski A, Abrams P, Fall M. Informa Healthcare. ISBN-10: 0849399327

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Dr Cathy Price
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