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Emma Searle

Older Persons Mental Health Research Nurse

My role

I am an Older Persons Mental Health Research Nurse.

My responsibilities

I search for new studies and recruit and support patients and carers onto the study.  Dementia studies are forefront in older persons mental health but I might also recruit for studies that focus on functional mental health issues. For example; anxiety or other neurodegeneration diseases, Parkinson’s or studies relating to ageing.  An important part of my role is to have good links with the care homes in our area and also local voluntary organisations that support older people.

My background

I qualified as a mental health nurse in 2006 and have worked in various acute and community settings.  I have worked in older persons mental health since 2013 in both West Sussex and Hampshire.  I joined the research team in January 2020.

Why I love my job

This job is so different from any job I have ever done before.  I get to use my clinical skills because I am still working with my client group but I also get involved in research that could influence future care and treatment for them.  Everyone in the team is very supportive towards each other and the new office is really nice as well!

More about me

As a mental health nurse I’m always telling people that exercise benefits the body and mind so to practice what I preach, I run, cycle, play badminton and walk the dog.

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