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Stan Spooner

Patient Representative

I was born, grew up and lived in Portsmouth.  I worked in the Royal Air Force for 24 years, on a variety of stations around the world with my last assignment as Officer Commanding Careers Office, Portsmouth. have enjoyed teaching young people through the RAF, for which I received an air Officers commendation, in 1968. 


My first appointment in civilian life, was as the training manager at BAE, where I was responsible for the training and recruitment of all grades of graduates and apprentices and YTS (Youth Training Scheme.)


After being made redundant at 52, I gained a contract through Portsmouth City Council to support the unemployed persons within the city. This was the start of over 25 years for me, of volunteering and working for the benefit of the Buckland Community.

Additionally, I had a contract through the Southampton University to recruit for the Young Engineer and Neighbourhood Engineer Scheme.  This was a collaborative working project, with teachers to encourage and enthuse young people to take up stem subjects.


I have been a campaigner for health issues around the city for over 40 years, including the rights of those over 50 years old, alongside the University of Portsmouth. Initially, I took exercise classes and was Chairman for the Joggers Club and I also collaborated with Portsmouth City Council on their Walking for Health Scheme. Later on, I set up an independent ‘Walking for Health’ club which was a fully holistic health and well being project. Other health projects include body morph project which was to support new measures of obesity.

Personally speaking, I have been passionate about participating in medical research opportunities, including national twins research and COVID-19.  

The reason that I wanted to become part of the Side-by-Side project, is because I feel that as an older person, I have a lot of experience and knowledge of both communities and health provision and through my engagement and participating in meetings, which has given me a good understanding of which strategies are effective.

As I am now less physically active, due to heart failure at 83 years old, I am keen to continue to contribute to my community, with the same passion for access for all.  I have always promoted, for the benefit of health for all people within the City of Portsmouth and beyond.



Stan Spooner
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