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Susan Milne

Senior Clinical Effectiveness Facilitator

My role

Senior Clinical Effectiveness Facilitator

My responsibilities

To support the delivery of high quality, innovative and effective Clinical Effectiveness and Service Evaluation projects by:

  • assisting clinical staff at all stages of the audit process to ensure the achievement of quality improvement through effective audit processes;

  • working with service lines to ensure clinical audit is integral to their function and that their statutory, mandatory and contractual requirements are met;

  • facilitating national and regional audits by supporting clinicians to participate;

  • developing systems to record and provide evidence of audit activity and implementation of actions for quality improvement;

  • advising on the evaluation of national guidelines and recording the outcomes

  • providing clinical audit training.

To support the Trust’s NICE Guidance policy of ensuring that the Trust has a systematic approach for the review, implementation and monitoring of compliance of National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) guidance:

  • ensure that NICE guidance is disseminated on a monthly basis, to all the clinical service lines

  • support service lines with the process of compliance monitoring of relevant guidance by creating baseline assessment tools

  • keep accurate records which evidence the NICE policy is followed

  • prepare reports for external bodies, as required.

My background

Degree in Physiology & Biochemistry, 4 years as a Medical Laboratory Scientific Officer (Microbiology); 20 years in Clinical Audit at Southampton General Hospital before moving to the Clinical Effectiveness Team at Solent NHS Trust in 2012.

Why I love my job

The work is varied and rewarding as I support busy clinicians and managers in meeting Clinical Effectiveness requirements.

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