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Academy 2022/2023 Annual Report

You know you’re having fun when it’s impossible to fit everything into your annual report. 2022/2023 was a fantastic year for our Academy and the teams across Solent NHS Trust. Totting up all the involvement in training and support, we’ve reached over 25% of our 5000 person strong organisation.

Academy activity in numbers

At a time when the NHS is under significant pressure, it's so heartening to see that people are still able, willing and enthusiastic about making time to innovate and improve, to learn and to share – and to work alongside communities, patients and families in ongoing change to service models.

Our approach to learning and ongoing improvement is multi-faceted but co-ordinated and supported by one integrated team. We facilitate, train and support Research, Innovation, Clinical Audit, Evaluation, Quality Improvement, a library service and people participation across the Trust; this means that teams only need to come to one place. Importantly, it also means that we can encourage co-ordinated programmes of improvement work.

It’s an approach that is clearly working – not only have significant numbers of staff (and service users) had training, they’ve been supported to carry out projects and to develop their confidence in systematic and evidence based improvement; incrementally this has become a way of working for our teams and we now have a thriving learning and improvement culture. It's genuinely a fantastic way of working, and a privilege to have watched this flourish.

A snapshot of last year’s work is included in our latest annual report, we wish we could have included everything that we've worked on and all of the amazing collaborations we've been part of. To see more though, keep popping back to the website or get in touch with us…

A big thanks to everyone who we’ve worked with this year


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