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Academy Research team nominated for Solent HEART Award: Team of the Month

The Academy's Research team has been nominated for the esteemed HEART "Team of the Month" award. With a focus made on the team’s knowledge sharing and approachability, the nomination stated:

"The research nurses and the wider team are generous with both their knowledge and time when supporting clinical teams with involvement in research trials. They are incredibly approachable and make taking part in trials easy and less overwhelming.
This also enables us to provide career development opportunities for team members that are interested in research that we would not be able to provide without them.
Without the research team our service would not have been involved in 3 research projects. They work with you to make you believe you can, guide you through the research documentation and work with the clinical team to support you to take part if you decide participation in the trial is right.
They are always on hand to support and a vital link with the wider research team.
They are such an asset to Solent. Huge thank you to the team for encouraging and supporting us."

The HEART Awards have become a symbol of appreciation within Solent NHS Trust and the local community, and recognise how colleagues, teams and leaders demonstrate the Trust’s HEART values and culture:

HEART Value - honesty icon


HEART Value - Everyone counts icon

Everyone counts

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HEART Value - Respectful icon


HEART Value - Teamwork icon


The Research team is thrilled to have been recognised with this nomination and would like to thank the person or people who made the submission.

The next awards judging panel will meet on Thursday 9th November to agree the finalists for the awards and these will be announced shortly afterwards.


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