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CAAW Spotlight: Pain Management Team

The Solent Pain Management Team is composed of nurses and allied health professionals who work with people with chronic pain.

The team operates across Portsmouth and Southampton; working closely to deliver and effective service for patients.

Not only has this small team planned to complete eight high quality audits and service evaluations this year, they also:

  • meet regularly with other services in a committed network to plan and review audits and evaluations in detail,

  • are keen to share their learning through digital media, conference posters and presentations,

  • involve and support their students in audit and evaluation work,

  • work closely with their commissioners to highlight the effectiveness demonstrated by audit,

  • recognise the importance of well-designed high quality projects,

  • are keen to take time to identify the most important audits and evaluations for the future.

Their audit plan for this year includes projects looking at:

Use of activation levels - Patient activation describes the knowledge, skills and confidence a person has in managing their own health and care. We measure this to identify what approach would work best.

Non-engagement – Not engaging with a service or treatment can range from not turning up to not following recommendations.

Joint working – Typically, this will see more than one professional group working together to bring a better outcome for patients.

Self-management outcomes – Measuring changes in health and quality of life from patients following a self-led programme of activities.

Access to clinics – This looks at the ease with which people can attend and use our clinics.

Exercise therapy – Reviewing patient response to tolerance of physical exercise and increasing fitness.

In Clinical Audit Awareness Week we would like to recognise the team, not just for their hard work, but also for their commitment to planning to do the right thing, doing it well and sharing what they learn.


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