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CAAW Spotlight: Sarah Oborne is a clinical audit hero

Sarah Oborne is the Quality and Development lead for Adult Services in Southampton.

Sarah works very closely with our clinical audit team to ensure that a comprehensive programme of clinical audit and service evaluation is conducted for her services.

To enable this, she chairs a group of clinicians who meet regularly to plan and review their local audit programme. This is often quite challenging as the group is brought together by their shared geography, rather than being a collection of similar services.

This quality improvement group ensures comprehensive oversight of audits from planning, to ensuring that audit actions and plans for re-audit are carried out. The group also enables a local connection between Audit, Service Evaluation, Quality Improvement and local Research. What's particularly impressive, are the number of audits that Sarah reports on which have increasing levels of improvement.

In a recent re-audit of records of patient accessible information needs, Sarah identified (from a sample of 150) a completion rate of 77%, which was a significant improvement on the last audit of 40%, and the original audit where just 1% of accessible information templates were being completed.

Reviewing the audit plan that Sarah puts together, there appears to be a good balance between new and repeat audits with a wide range of complexity.

We have also found that Sarah is keen to support the use, development of, and learning from, clinical audit across our trust. Sarah is a regular contributor to other trust wide projects and forums where she will often use her knowledge of clinical audit data.

We think Sarah does an amazing job - we're keen to highlight her work and encourage teams to embrace this approach within other areas of the trust. Sarah is a total audit and improvement hero in our eyes.


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