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CAAW Spotlight: Sian and Richard are our clinical audit heroes

Sian and Richard work in our Early Intervention in Psychosis Mental Health Team

We wanted to highlight some of the amazing work that Sian and Richard have done, specifically for their work on the 'National Clinical Audit of Psychosis spotlight audits on early intervention.'

Together, they put a great deal of effort and thought into collecting data for this audit well. They gave considerable thought to the definitions and reliability of data to ensure that year-on-year comparisons are meaningful.

When we met with them recently to take an in-depth look at the local and national audit reports, it was clear that they had studied the results and had a thorough understanding of the context behind each of the audit standards and questions. They also demonstrated a detailed knowledge of neighbouring and comparable services who had also participated in this audit. From this depth of understanding they were then able to identify where services could be improved, or justify why performance on the audit was below the maximum.

There are other improvement planning processes run within the service which Richard and Sian have been able to join together with the results of this audit.

This process has assured us that not only are we providing a high quality service but that the service management are able to plan for improvement based on reliable evidence and a high level of awareness.


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