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Learning from Excellence Awards

This has been Solent NHS Trusts third round of Learning from Excellence Awards, and we have presented awards to 127 winners.

All nominations including colleagues, staff and community members were all presented with a star award containing a gift and certificate.

Out of the 127 winners, 15 community partners received the award. These patients, people and volunteers have worked alongside Solent NHS Trust to help us learn and improve. They have given up their time, energy and shared their lived experience. The words ‘thank you’ isn’t enough but the difference that can be made by working together with our communities is invaluable.

With a global pandemic and being the festive period, it felt more important than ever to recognise the greatness of those staff who have helped Solent improve, who have done something great or have taken the extra step to make a difference. The awards created a heart-warming recognition for these acts of kindness and differences they make. Those receiving the awards said:


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