Solent Research Nurse, Abigail Jones, shares her account of catching and recovering from Coronavirus.

Side-by-Side network member, Mary Ramsay, is a busy, fit, fun-loving and capable person who has been categorised as "vulnerable" and is living alone during lockdown.

Caitlin Burchett joined the team as a new Research Nurse back in February - just as Covid-19 was starting to appear in the UK. In her first blog, Caitlin shares what it's been like to start a new role whilst the country is in lockdown.

Senior Research Nurse, Jo Turpitt, shares with us her career journey from ground-breaking clinical trials in the 90's to life changing PrEP IMPACT Trial.

Sarah Williams shares the story of Catering Operations Manager, Iain Robertson, as he and his team react to the rapidly changing needs of the organisation during Covid-19.

Julian Martin, an admin volunteer for the Solent Research and Improvement Team and a Side-by-Side member, takes us through his experience of lockdown during Covid-19.

Sarah Balchin, Associate Director for Community Engagement and Patient Experience, describes her experience of being an extrovert in shielding isolation. 

Research Nurse, Anna Badley, has a passion for workforce well-being and Schwartz Rounds - but just how does a trust look after the well-being of its staff during this time of disconnection?

Jo Elliot, a Side-by-side group member, shares her story of how the Covid-19 pandemic has been affecting her daily life. 

Physiotherapist, Sally-Ann Belward, takes us through a day working as a Community Tester during the Covid-19 pandemic.