Research and Improvement Conference

On the 10th of July Solent held its 8th Research & Improvement Conference, titled “Side by Side: working in partnership with patients, partners and communities to learn and improve”.

For the second year this was a “Patients Included” event, which means that it was planned and delivered in partnership with patients with open access and live streaming. Many of the presentations and workshops were also given jointly with clinical staff and patients/ family members. Solent are extremely proud to be the only NHS Trust to have this international accreditation.

180 people attended the event, which hosted a number of stands, keynote talks, presentations, workshops and posters. The event saw the official launch of the Solent Academy of Research & Improvement, our new Strategy and also the presentation of our Annual Research & Improvement Awards.

Sue Harriman, CEO opened the event alongside Ranj Parmar and Mary Ramsay from our Side by Side Group.  Keynote addresses on the subject of working well in partnership with patients were given by Professor Catherine Pope and Derek Stewart OBE. They give some simple top tips and you can hear their talks here.

Interviews were held through the day with the #Beyondtheroom team, Andre and Mark, ( and can be heard here.

We collected in feedback from the conference day and this is what people enjoyed most…

 “The interactive workshops and celebrating research that is going on in the trust.”

“The Choir! Wonderful”

“Networking, meeting old colleagues, hearing what is new in research & applying to practice.”

“Diverse range of topics and delivery of sessions and the opportunity to share our work.”

“Loved the Choir! The whole day was well organised, even subjects that I didn’t think would be relevant to me were interesting and I learnt from them.”

“Everything- very enjoyable day! Great to see former service users here and especially their participation.”

“Very good to see how much innovation is going on in Solent and improving patient outcomes.”

“Hearing from Side-by-Side and other service users. Not overwhelming amount of information. Good avoidance of jargon. Engaging speakers.”