Your Hopes and Dreams

At this year’s conference we did a snowball exercise, where patients and clinicians alike wrote their hopes and dreams for the Academy of Research and Improvement on a piece of paper and threw them at the stage. We’ve read what you wrote and these are just a few of the things you hope for this year…

  • For more frontline staff to be engaged in research
  • Effective change
  • Share positive experiences
  • Help us hear patients voices
  • To listen and encourage ideas trust wide to improve services
  • Make research seem less scary to people
  • Making patients realise they are the key to the success of our nation’s health by engaging in research, by asking for change and improvement in care processes and pathways, and by being part of something greater than yourself for the good of your fellow men/women.
  • Not just research for improvement but research improvement
  • More information about funding opportunities within Solent
  • Help to get the time to complete projects within normal working hours.
  • Time and resources to pursue clinical questions
  • Help with stats!
  • Allow admin and clerical staff to be exposed to the work of the academy
  • Keeping stretching us to do better PPI (Patient and Public Involvement)
  • Let’s live and breathe research and improvement in everything we do for our patients