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Dr Sarah Williams at 2023 Conference

Our strategy 2021-25



The future of the Academy

To support the delivery of our areas of focus, we will dedicate ourselves to cultivating a culture of learning, where we will support colleagues across Solent NHS Trust to learn from things that happen. Whether it is from feedback, from events or from ideas, we will use and share this learning to make things better for people; for staff, for patients, for families, for colleagues.
Our vision and our priorities have been developed in partnership with our patient and public involvement group Side-by-Side, colleagues from around the Trust, key partners and our core team, with the five Solent NHS Trust values in mind.
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As an Academy, we are focused on leading and delivering progressive community-based research, innovation and improvement that drives better care for everyone.

Community-based research

We will provide meaningful, values-focused and community-based research that addresses the real issues and challenges facing health and social care today, to directly inform change that is

relevant and accessible.

Responsive evaluation

We will develop our evaluation expertise to support understanding of the experience, impact and effectiveness of care. We will facilitate flexible, rapid and forward-thinking approaches that are accessible, adaptive and responsive

Areas of focus:

Representative involvement

All our work will be done in partnership with those that use our services, and we will make it easier for everyone across our communities (particularly those who have been under-represented) to take part.

Improvement-focussed workforce

We will grow our leadership network across the organisation and the community to enable everyone to innovate, improve and give assurance about the quality of care.


Training and support
Knowledge and learning
Appropriate methods


News + events

Introduction to Quality Improvement (QI)

11 July 2024

9am - 10am


Working with Patients and People to improve services: getting started

15 July 2024

11am - 12pm


Research in your Career - Drop in Session

15 July 2024

8am - 10am


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