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Our Q Exchange Bids

The Initiative 

The Q Exchange initiative transforms project ideas into reality with funding opportunities of up to £40,000.

We are excited to announce that two of our project ideas have been shortlisted! Click the links below to learn more about them and vote for us!

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Community peer improvement champions to shape health and social care

Training and supporting community leaders, third sector and public volunteers to become peer improvement champions creating lasting positive change across sector and system boundaries.

​The project’s main goal is to establish a peer improvement champion programme, providing evidence-based training to enhance community members’ skills in quality improvement. Additional objectives include empowering and supporting community members to lead improvement initiatives, enhancing communication and coordination between stakeholders, developing community leadership, and ensuring inclusivity by reaching underserved communities through partnerships with organisations like HIVE Portsmouth and Bournemouth University Centre for Seldom Heard Voices.

Interested in Learning More?

RSVP to our Q&A session with Jeni Malpass to learn more about this project.


Watch Jeni Malpas's interview with two of our Peer Improvement Champions at our Annual Conference this year.

Making the Seemingly Impossible Possible: Demand & Capacity Changing Lives

This initiative will support services integrating as part of a merger to work with system partners to use a demand and capacity lens to facilitate whole pathway improvements in care.

  1. Design and deliver a novel demand and capacity training programme with the aim of supporting services to make system pathway changes with the potential to optimise flow, manage demand, utilise capacity effectively, and consequently reduce waiting lists. Staff will gain skills and knowledge facilitating continuous proactive, data-driven, service demand and capacity planning and management.

  2. Facilitate, through partnership working with the Integrated Care Board and other key system partners, joint learning and understanding of complex models of care will lead to improved relationships, communication and joint problem-solving.

  3. Evaluate outcomes and impact of this training programme, collect lessons learned particularly around system-level change,  and make recommendations for next steps and the way forward.

  4. Publish programme content, case studies, learning and recommendations

The beneficiaries are service staff who will be empowered to use data to manage and improve services, patients and the broader healthcare system.

Interested in Learning More?

RSVP to our Q&A session with Helen Wharam to learn more about this project.


Listen to Helen Wharam who discusses her work on improvement projects for Demand and Capacity within Health and Care services in the NHS.


Hosted by Joe Blunden, Managing Director, NHS Elect.

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Vote for us!

If you are a Q Member, please visit the Q Exchange section on the Q website and vote for our projects! Your support can make a significant imp act on the future of health and care services.

Help us make our ideas into reality! Click the link below to vote!

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