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Research studies at Solent

If you're a patient or use Solent services in some way, you could be part of a research study. The study's that we run cover a wide range of conditions, including: anxiety and depression, sexual health, diabetes, cancer, general healthcare concerns and much more.


Each study is different and will require you to do different things, depending on what is being investigated; some might ask you to fill in a questionnaire, while others might offer alternative treatments for your condition or require you to provide a clinical sample (such as a blood test).

You'll find some of our current studies listed below but there are many more that you can be part of, so drop our team an email if you're interested in finding out what else is running:

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Explore some of our current studies

Prevenar Study

The Prevenar vaccine was introduced into the routine childhood vaccination programme in September 2006. Prevenar protects us against bacteria called Streptococcus pneumoniae (S.pneumoniae). These bacteria are normally harmless but can cause illnesses such as ear infections, pneumonia or meningitis.


This research study monitors the changes in the bacteria that are currently carried in children’s noses to help us to develop and improve the vaccine for the future. Solent have been involved in recruitment since 2017. Please contact the team to find out more about the Prevenar study. 

Solent Siren Team


We have been recruiting patients who are currently on a waiting list for treatment at Talking Therapies Portsmouth to this study.


Run by researchers at the University of Sussex, PROPEL is investigating what patient factors influence the outcome of therapy, comparing working age adults and older adults. We recruited 28 participants to this study and are taking steps to enable more older adults to participate in this study.

Please contact the team to find out more about the PROPEL study. 

PROPEL Study talking therapy

The PIPA Trial

This study is exploring the effectiveness of an online resource for parents/carers to help prevent depression and anxiety in 11-15-year olds .
We contacted secondary schools across Portsmouth, Southampton and the IOW and we have been overwhelmed by the response from schools. So far, 18 schools have agreed to take part in the study.


This is a great opportunity for schools to get involved in the drive to improve youth mental health and to support students and families, particularly during these unprecedented times. Please contact the team to find out more about the PIPA trial. 

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News + events

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5 June 2023

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Safety, Excellence and Improvement Forum

6 June 2023

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Intro: Patient, People & Public Participation

6 June 2023

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