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Around one third of patients have long term health problems after stroke. Stroke affects everyone differently but some examples of longer term health problems after stroke include weakness of an arm and/or leg, eyesight problems, and difficulty with speaking. These health problems can result in difficulties carrying out everyday activities such as washing, dressing and walking. These difficulties can also make it more challenging to do things such as taking part in a hobby.

This research study will assess whether a new EXtended sTroke RehAbilitation Service (EXTRAS) can improve health problems, recovery and quality of life after a stroke. The new stroke rehabilitation service will commence when current specialist stroke rehabilitation ends. The service will provide ongoing review of health problems and rehabilitation needs, and provide advice and/or treatments for a further 18 months.

This study has now closed to recruitment. 


Findings so far: 

Study results are currently being collated and analysed.

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