Infant feeding, non-nutritive sucking and speech development

This study wants to find out if the way a baby is fed, or whether they use a dummy, can affect the way they develop speech sounds as they get older.

Who can be involved?

  • A child that is aged between 2 and 5 and has recieved care from a speech and language therapist
  • A child that is aged between 2 and 5 and has had an initital speech and language assessment but has not yet recieved direct therpay.

What happens to people taking part in this research?

Taking part in the study involves you attending one clinic appointment that will assess the speech of your child, ask you questions about how you fed your child for the first 9 months and whether your child has sucked a dummy/thumb.

We will aim to make this fit with your normal clinic visits where possible. If you are asked to attend an extra visit at your local clinic, we will refund your travel costs. After this visit, your involvement in the study is complete.

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