Sometimes people can walk in a way that puts too much pressure on specific areas such as the balls or heels of the feet. This can lead to the area becoming quite painful and the skin breaking into a wound. For people with diabetes, this may be a particular problem, because their foot wounds may be slower to heal.

This study is comparing the effectiveness of a novel insole with a standard insole for people with diabetic neuropathy. It aims to determine if using a new insole can help to reduce pressure points on the feet, therefore reducing discomfort, and improving wound healing.

Who can be involved?

  • People with a diagnosis of diabetes with areas of hard skin or a wound on their foot/feet
  • Over 18 years of age
  • Have no problems with circulation

What happens to people taking part in this research?

People who decide to take part are invited to attend four appointments over twelve months, during which time their foot health and the use of the insoles will be assessed.

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