In this study, we are testing whether we can improve early attention skills in infants with family members with ADHD. The long-term goal of our work is to help develop early and effective interventions for infants who are more likely to develop ADHD.

 Who can be involved?

  • Children under 12 months of age
  • Children with a first degree relative (an older sibling or a parent) with a diagnosis of ADHD or a probable diagnosis of ADHD
  • Children at risk of ASD who have either an older sibling or parent with a diagnosis of ASD.

What happens to people taking part in this research?

If you are interested in participating in the study, we will first collect background information about your family by telephone in order to determine whether this study is suitable for your child. If the study is not suitable for your family you can choose to join our database to hear about other future studies that might be a better fit.

If the study is suitable for your family, we will invite you and your child to visit our research centre, the Birkbeck Babylab in London. After your visit to the Babylab, a researcher will contact you to arrange some convenient times to visit you and your baby in your home. All visits to the lab, and to your home, will be arranged at your convenience and are designed to be as flexible as possible to meet your families' needs.

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