Solent SMART Pilot Study (Closed to recruitment)

This study aims to improve our understanding of the normal germs/bacteria we carry in our upper airways and the resistance of these bacteria to certain antibiotics.

The human airway is home to a wide variety of bacteria and most of these bacteria are harmless to us; however some have the potential to cause disease. It is therefore important that we improve our understanding of what bacteria are carried in the upper airways to help us better recognise the causes of infections and what antibiotics/treatments these bacteria may be resistant to so we can determine the most appropriate ways of treating and preventing them.

 Who can be Involved?

• People with capacity to consent to be involved
• Any one receiving care from Solent NHS Trust services

What happens to people taking part in this research?

The study involves a swab of the front of the nose, back of the nose and back of the throat and a short questionnaire about vaccination history. 

This study has now closed to recruitment. We are currently awaiting results. In the meantime if you would like to find out more please complete the following form:



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