Research funding opportunities

Securing funding for your research is the best way to ensure it's success. There are many different funding streams available for health and social care researchers ranging from small amounts to get a project started right up to fully funded programme grants.

What all of these funders have in common is that they have a detailed application process which can take time to undertake, to ensure the project is competitive. However many smaller grants are available to give you the time to develop an application, find the right research team, undertake some training, consider some feasibility work and importantly engage patients and clinicians in the development of your idea.

The Solent Research and Improvement team can advise you about different levels of research funding and how to cost your application. You can also access support from the NIHR Research Design Service who have advisers in regional centres across England and offer a unique breadth of experience and a proven track record in improving funding applications. Their advice is free and confidential. Contact the South Central RDS for more information.

Ideas for sources of research funding

  • Fellowships - If you are interested in undertaking the research as part of a clinical academic career pathway there are a number of different fellowships available that support M level, PhD and post doctorate study. More information can be found on our Research and Clinical Academic Careers page
  • Solent Research Capability Funding - Acting as a host for research grants earns us research capability funding from the NIHR. This annual funding is based on the NIHR grant income we received from hosting grants in the previous year. We use this income to support the development and writing of new research funding applications and to provide the resources to support the ongoing development of clinically important health care research.  We also share this funding with external organisations that support the development of research within Solent. Applications for research capability funding are considered annually and information can be found on our news pages.
  • NIHR Funding Streams - The NIHR fund research via a number of different programmes each with their own criteria and objectives. For more information see the NIHR website. The RDS are an excellent resource to help guide which programme is most appropriate for your project. Solent are able to support with your application and act as the host site for the grant.
  • Association of Medical Research Charities - The AMRC are an organisation that bring together the health and medical research charity sector. This website provides a search function of member charities and what types of research they support.
  • Research Councils - The Research Councils UK website brings together information about the seven UK research councils, what they fund and how to apply.