Dental Partnership

Working in partnership with the University of Portsmouth Dental Academy UPDA

The University of Portsmouth’s Dental Academy is working alongside us to offer the patients attending their busy dental practice the opportunity to be involved in research. This may be research specific to dentistry as well as other health and social care research.

Solent's Academy of Research and Improvement and the UPDA work together to find research studies which might fit well within their practice. Solent undertake the necessary governance and regulatory checks and our jointly supported research dental therapists/nurses carry out the study.

We are hoping to extent this model to other local dental practices who have an interest in being involved with research. If you would like to find out more or talk to us about being involved please get in touch.

We are also working collaboratively with the UPDA to develop home grown ideas working with university researchers aiming to successfully achieve funding for research which may improve the oral health of children and people suffering with dementia.

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