Younger Persons Research Partnerships

As part of the Academy of Research and Improvement's community research partnership scheme we have been working with local schools, pre-schools, nurseries and family hubs to widen the opportunities for local people to get involved in research.  

We are currently working with primary, Junior and secondary schools across the local area on an study investigating the antibiotic resistance of bacteria commonly carried in our mouths and noses. The Solent research team carries out all of the research activities and the schools promote the study to their parents and children. As part of the collaboration the academic team from the University of Southampton have delivered bespoke lessons around research and microbiology.

A similar study is being carried out in partnership with pre-schools, nurseries and children’s community groups across Portsmouth and Southampton investigating the impact of the meningitis vaccination programme.

As part of the partnership the Academy team can offer lessons or teaching sessions about research, or sessions specific to the science behind the study we are working on. The partnerships we build are bespoke and we are happy to tailor them to the needs of each organisation. We are keen to work with any organisations supporting young people to offer them the chance to take part in research.

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