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Anna Badley

Research Nurse

My role

I am a Research Nurse for Adults in Southampton.

My responsibilities

My role covers two major aspects of research; delivery and engagement. I work across a number of areas including Neurological Services, Solent’s inpatient units in Southampton and Specialist and Community services teams. This covers a broad range of activities from working with patients and getting them involved in the studies to delivering research intervention.  Engagement is a really important aspect of my role, working with Solent nurses, doctors, therapists and other members of the team as well as patients and engaging them in everything that is great about research.

My background

I am relatively new to the Research and Improvement team. I joined from Solent’s Portsmouth District Nursing team where I worked as a Specialist Community Nurse Practitioner in the role of Community Matron. Alongside my practical nursing, I have been lucky enough to study for my Masters in Advanced Practice. I am honoured to have received the Dean’s award for Exceptional Academic Performance and the 2016 Goodeve Docker Prize from the Queen’s Nursing Institute for Outstanding Leadership. These experiences ignited my passion for real world research in clinical practice and the potential of nursing research.

Why I love my job

Research is everything. We live in a world where the NHS is facing unprecedented challenges with increased demand, aging populations and increasing long term conditions. Research provides the much needed evidence to form part of the solutions.  As a nurse, to be part of this change is a privilege, working with patients and teams ensure we are all working together to deliver the best possible care.

More about me

When I am not working, I spend most of my time doing something active. I love to travel, climb mountains, swim, run, cycling, windsurf and dance, as long as I am moving I am happy!

Current projects/research studies

I am currently, working on a large national study looking into falls in care homes and about to start a large study exploring the genetic markers of people who have had a stroke to aid prevention, diagnosis and recovery.

On a personal level, I am passionate about nursing and what we do. As nurses working at the frontline, I am keen to engage and empower nurses to be at the forefront of research. I am currently completing my own master’s level research exploring District Nursing decision making.

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