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Pocket Therapy Memory Aids

The ‘Pocket Therapy Memory Aids’ are a series of booklets designed to provide therapy themes “at a glance” and support people as they make therapy practices part of their day-to-day routines. These aids can be used as an introduction to key points of mental health talking therapy and are designed to be used alongside therapy consultations.

They are available as pocket size or digital booklets, so are easy to keep on hand and help remind people with helpful skills and reminders of their goals. The hope is that more people use their therapy skills, the easier it will be for them to start new habits and challenge old ones. The ultimate goal is for therapies to become engrained and a natural part of daily life, and until that has been achieved, a memory aid is a very useful tool to have on-hand.

Bethany Wood

About Bethany

Bethany was our first service user to win funding from the Solent Dragons' Den, and worked with her Clinical Manager, Jo Tedbury to produce these pocket memory aids. Bethany says:

"The idea for this project came directly from my experience; I am a graphic designer and a service user. I have spent many years designing and also many years struggling with my mental health. I have undergone different therapies, and this is where I met my collaborator Jo.


The therapies I received were a lifeline that hugely changed the way I approached my mental health, and taught me new ways of thinking about it. Most importantly they showed me how I could understand and live with my diagnosis. Therapy gave me the tools I needed but as time passed, I became less connected with the things I had learnt as day-to-day life took over. This is where the idea for a memory aid was born."


The memory aids:

Memory Aid for Looking After Ourselves in Stressful Times

Memory Aid for Cognitive Behaviour Therapy

Memory Aid for Acceptance Commitment Therapy

Memory Aid for Dialectical Behaviour Therapy

Memory Aid for Cognitive Behaviour Therapy for Trauma

Memory Aid

for Worry


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