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Co-Production + Improvement


3.5 days in-person training 


In-person - venue TBC

Joining this programme will provide you with the understanding and resources required to co-produce a service improvement. 

Co-production cohort

About the course


What you'll gain by taking part:

An understanding of the principles and approaches of co-production

Resources, tips and support to enable you to work effectively in partnership with people

Dedicated time to plan and action your co-production and improvement project

Practical advice from service users to help you on your journey

The chance to learn together with a network of peers who will support and encourage you

What the programme involves:

Who: Teams of two to five people

What: Identify a priority area that you will improve through co-production


  • Virtual introduction - 1pm - 2pm on 4th March

  • In-person training - 9am - 4pm on 12th March, 17th April and 10th June

  • Half-day celebration and sharing event - 9am - 1pm on 13th September

Where: Venue TBC for in-person dates

Participants are asked to commit to meaningfully involve service users in shaping your service and share what you learn along the way.

improvement doodle background

Staying Close (Portsmouth Social Care) and STaRT (Solent CAMHS) team


As part of the co-production programme, the Staying Close (Portsmouth Social Care) and STaRT (Solent CAMHS) team wanted to give young people in their care the freedom to redesign their living accommodation. They worked with young people to explore how they could redesign their indoor and outdoor spaces; making suggestions and proposing ideas to improve the layout and appearance of the garden and their bedrooms.


One of the ideas suggested was to provide paint and allow the young people to personalise their rooms in order to make them feel more ‘their own’. This proposal is currently being explored by the estates manager and the team. The young people have valued being included in decision making and as a result, are now attending team meetings to provide their 'lived experience' and to help deal with the challenges faced by the estates team. 

It is not any kind of hierarchy, it's we are all in this together, we want to work on this problem together and we're going to find a solution together.

- Rosie Stokes, Child and Family Services

Apply for
Co-Production + Improvement

The closing date for the next cohort of this programme is Thursday 25th January 2024, if you'd like to apply please use the form to indicate your interest in the training.

To find out more please contact

Thanks for your message, we'll be in contact as soon as possible.


News + events

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9.30am - 4pm

Southampton, UK

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