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Quality Improvement Programme

Starting your Demand, Capacity and Flow Journey


4 days (over 6 months)

This training programme is designed to support teams and individuals in developing the skills and capability to introduce or enhance a demand and capacity management and planning approach to improve patient flow and reduce waiting lists/times.


Who should attend

  • Teams of up to 6 people from a service, which could include operations, service, and/or business support managers, clinicians, administrative employees, and service analysts who are interested in developing their D&C skills and knowledge.

  • Teams who would like to introduce or enhance a demand and capacity management and planning approach with the aim of improving patient flow and reducing waiting lists/times.


What the programme involves

  • Day 1: Pathway mapping, using pathway maps to understand and improve demand and capacity management and flow, measuring and understanding demand and capacity, balancing demand and capacity.

  • Day 2: Systems Thinking and how to apply the approach to implement effective action to improve flow and reduce waiting lists, understanding waiting lists and effective management strategies.

  • Day 3: Approaches to optimise flow and reduce waiting lists/times, helping patients to wait well.

  • Day 4: Using SPC to understand demand data, introduction to D&C tools, a brief introduction to modelling and what it can do preparatory steps.


People are coming to these (operational) roles as clinicians and as such, we do not have naturally the skills to tackle waiting lists. It is really necessary to have a robust programme like this.

- Pain Team

Are you ready to start your Demand, Capacity and Flow Journey?

We are looking for teams of up to 6 people to join our programme starting in June 2024. 

For expressions of interest or further details, contact

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