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Community-based research, innovation and improvement

Our aim is to support and equip our community and colleagues with the skills and confidence to identify areas of our healthcare services that could be improved, and give them the tools to make positive change.


Most importantly, we strive to make sure that the voice of our patients and community is at the heart of everything we do; shaping the changes and improvements we make.

How we support and enable...

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Explore opportunities to be part of an existing research study or start your own project. 

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What do we mean when we talk about improvement and why is it important?

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Providing our staff and community members with the tools to make improvement happen.

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Share your expert experience; develop your personal skills whilst helping us improve our services.

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Creating community-based research and evidence that is accessible, responsive, and applied.


We do QI

What does it really mean when an organisation says that they do Quality Improvement? In this blog we explore the core elements needed to "do" QI, starting with the people.

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Voices of our community:


Where there’s a need for research and improvement, there’s a need for patients and family members to be involved. After all, they are the key to all of the answers.

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