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Plan events


Each year we host and run a number of events, including the Academy's Annual Conference, and we're always excited to have members of our communities involved in planning and delivering these.

You don't have to have any experience of event planning, but if you're interested in being part of the process there are lots of opportunities to help make our events engaging and accessible.


Be part of the process:

  • Shape and plan events with us.

  • Help us ensure our events are incorporating the experience and insight to patients.

  • Help us ensure we're meeting the requirements of the Patients Included charter.

  • Deliver or co-deliver aspects of the event (we'll provide the training and support).

  • Join us at events and conferences to promote research and improvement in healthcare.


Ranj helps shape the Academy Conference


Ranj Parmar, Side-by-Side member

Ranj Parmar is a principal business analyst and stroke survivor who has been part of the Academy Conference planning process for a number of years. Here he shares his experience of being involved in event planning:

"I couldn’t go back to work following my stroke, and I was looking for ways to make a meaningful contribution to the great healthcare system that supported me through my recovery. I was invited to attend the Academy’s Research and Improvement Conference, but I was slightly hesitant about going because looking at the agenda it seemed very medical and not a lot of focus on patients.

However, I attended the conference (several years ago) and unfortunately my suspicions were true. There was no patient focus in the sessions and I was actually asked to come up with solutions to very medical problems?! Do they know I am a patient?

Upon leaving the conference I gave some quite honest feedback as it felt like I was there as a ’tickbox’ exercise, but soon after I was contacted by the organisers of the conference and basically told "help us to fix it…". Well, this became very interesting, very quickly. A group of patients was set up (Side-by-Side) and we worked with the conference organisers to make the next event patient centric.


Moving on from this, patients have now opened the conference, introduced the breakout sessions, delivered breakout sessions, run their own session on how to engage with patients, and have been instrumental in not only the day itself, but also the planning of the conference."

A well organised conference full of good content, great venue and food. 
I thoroughly enjoyed my day - speaking to open the conference and participating in workshops is my thing! Thank you for the opportunity.

- Mary Ramsay, Side-by-Side Member


News + events

Uncertainty Experts - NHS Elect

23 May 2024

2.30pm - 3.30pm

MS Teams

Using people’s experiences to redesign

4 June 2024

1pm - 2pm


QI Café: Patient Participation

25 June 2024

1pm - 1.30pm


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