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Julian and Mary delivering training

Deliver training


As a Side-by-Side member you have the opportunity work alongside us to design and deliver our training. This involves communicating with services through our online and in person programmes on the importance, value, and difference it makes when services involve patients, people and communities in research and improvement activity makes to improving healthcare. 


You can be part of designing and delivering training by:

  • Designing the workshops and training with us. 

  • Running the training events alongside our team.

  • Reflecting on feedback and planning future workshop programmes

  • Sharing your insights and experiences of working alongside services.


Co-producing workshops


We regularly host an online hour-long workshop "Introduction to patient and people participation" for staff to find out the benefits of working alongside people in their ongoing service development and improvement.


The workshop has been designed with Side-by-Side patient representatives and delivered together with them. This involves facilitating discussion and sharing experiences of when they have helped services improve. The impact of people being involved truly helps the attendees see the impact of participation and supports them to take positive action to involve people in their research and improvement activities.  

Patients are the most important people in healthcare scenarios so their involvement in services and service provision is a shortcut to many rewarding features from their input to a saving of work hours.

- Julian Martin, Side-by-Side Member


News + events

Uncertainty Experts - NHS Elect

23 May 2024

2.30pm - 3.30pm

MS Teams

Using people’s experiences to redesign

4 June 2024

1pm - 2pm


QI Café: Patient Participation

25 June 2024

1pm - 1.30pm


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