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Paula - patient participant


Share your expert experience

Sometimes it's the small things that make the biggest impact, especially to the experience our patients and community members have. It could be as simple as making a change to the way we write, or even having a carer or family member included when we interview new members of staff.


It's only when we work together that we can understand your experiences and what matters most to you. Through collaboration and listening to your thoughts and opinions as we improve and develop services, everyone benefits.

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Why should you get involved?

When we work together with our patients, carers, families and communities to improve and develop services, everyone benefits.

Your experience and knowledge can improve health and care services

As experts in your own experience, your insight and suggestions are invaluable in any improvements or changes to services. We will support you to work alongside the care teams to make suggestions, test improvements, and involve others in solutions and innovations.

Making sure the focus stays on what matters to you

We all see things differently, which is why it's important that we work together to identify ways we can change things for the better. With your help to guide us, we can make sure the changes we make are the right ones.

Your input can help with recovery and rehabilitation

When people are involved in their own care, or in how the service is delivered to meet their care needs, it can help with the speed and extent of their recovery. We have many schemes of peer support or peer training programmes that you may be able to help with.

Get your ideas into practice

If you have a great idea that could be used in practice, we can fund small scale projects to test them and get them into practice. Innovate alongside us.

Learn new skills, try new things

There are lots of training opportunities which we can tailor to your skills and interests, these include: training others, interviews, public speaking, using social media and working in a team. The experience could help with your CV or getting into new areas of work; we are happy to help with CV writing or references

Support for your community needs

As this is a partnership, there may be ways in which we could help you. Get in touch.

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News + events

Uncertainty Experts - NHS Elect

23 May 2024

2.30pm - 3.30pm

MS Teams

Using people’s experiences to redesign

4 June 2024

1pm - 2pm


QI Café: Patient Participation

25 June 2024

1pm - 1.30pm


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