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2022 QI Leaders

QI Leader


Our network of QI Leaders is made up staff and community members who have passion for being involved in improving the services and healthcare we provide.

After completing the QI Leader training course you'll have a strong understanding of improvement tools, methods and skills. Combined with your individual experience of the healthcare we offer, this knowledge makes you the perfect ambassador for improvement activity; working with teams, service lines and patient groups to make things better


What's involved:

  • Our network of QI Leaders meet throughout the year for training and peer support  

  • They regularly attend events and co-deliver training  

  • They help raise the awareness of the importance and value of Quality Improvement

  • They collaborate with patients and service users to increase involvement and co-design improvement activities

  • They champion the patient voice and the inclusion of community feedback


Penny becomes a QI Leader


Penny Reid

Penny Reid is a member of our Side-by-Side Network and has also participated in a number of QI courses, including the QI Leader training. Here she shares some insight into the reasons why she originally got involved with healthcare improvement activity, and what it means to be a QI Leader.

"I have been QI Leader as patient representative since it started and being a QI Leader is one of the most rewarding opportunities a patient or carer can have. During the years of caring for my late 

husband who had Dementia with Lewy Bodies, I got to know a lot of NHS professionals and started to understand how the NHS and social services interact. I saw I could offer both my personal and business experiences to support both frontline and senior NHS staff as they explore how to improve services for patients who are or become less able to express their needs.


Being a QI Leader means I can support conversations and provide guidance to achieve improvement that will benefit our patients. If, like me, you believe that a hundred small things done better by individuals will improve the quality of NHS services, you will realise that being a QI Leader is an amazing chance to share your ideas and influence change where it’s needed most."


News + events

QI Café: Patient Participation

25 June 2024

1pm - 1.30pm


Co-production: improving services together

1 July 2024

10am - 12noon


Growing your social media following - NHS Elect

10 July 2024

10am - 11am

MS Teams

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