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Anna Thornhill

Research and Clinical Physiotherapist

My role

I have a split role as a Research Physiotherapist and Clinical Effectiveness Facilitator.

My responsibilities

My research role includes finding suitable studies and then recruiting to and running the studies. My clinical effectiveness role involves providing training and support for Quality Improvement projects, Clinical Audits and Service Evaluations.

My background

I qualified as a physiotherapist in 2009 and joined the Research Team in 2013 and the Clinical Effectiveness Team in 2020.

Why I love my job

I have a 50/50 split role so enjoy the variety.  I love meeting different people and being able to offer treatments to them via studies that might not usually be available to them.  I enjoy being involved in supporting QI projects and seeing people’s improvement ideas put into practice.

More about me

In my spare time, you’ll either find me exercising or looking for bargains in charity shops!

Current projects/research studies

POiSE – Predictors of Outcome in Sciatica Patients following an Epidural steroid injectionRADICAL – Radiofrequency denervation for chronic and moderate to severe low back painSIREN – SARS CoV2 Immunity and Reinfection Evaluation

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